We provide exceptional Services to our clients

Royal Services is designed to make running your business more cost effective and efficient

Royal Services is dedicated to staffing all levels of manufacturing and warehouse operations for a wide range of industries and businesses. We provide temps for all levels of businesses. Royal employment is able to meet any requirements you may have, and we are fully prepared to facilitate any order – small or large. Whether it is one temp for a days labour or hundreds of temps for many months at a time.

Remove Employee Tax Burden:

Royal Services covers Social Security, Workers’ Compensation, Unemployment, and all Federal & State payroll taxes. No more Unemployment claims! You will never have to pay for sick days, vacation days, personal days, holidays, absenteeism, or any other fringe benefits. (Temps are only paid for the hours they actually worked.)

Quality, Specialized Workers

Royal Services performs an intense screening process for skill, previous work history, and attendance while workers are in our employ and we insure you that they are legally authorized to work in the Canada. That way you know you are getting someone that fits the qualifications you requested. We understand the need for valuable workers who are motivated and dedicated to executing each job assignment we give. Our highly qualified employees are eager to accommodate your staffing needs to ensure 100% satisfaction. Our database consists of motivated, safety conscience, hard working employees from which will we select people to match the skills that you require.

Our Guarantee

Ours is truly a business whose future depends upon the satisfaction of our customers. Employees who do not meet your needs within the first two hours of their start time will not be billed for and a replacement will be sent out immediately.

Royal Services is committed to finding people jobs that give them opportunities to utilize their skills and receive the best possible salary. We will help you chart out a course of temporary and permanent positions.

Hiring Practice: The process for becoming an Royal employment Services solution inc is simple. The first step is to come to the office and register. To register, you will need documentation to show that you are legally authorized to work in the Canada. We expand our pool of employees as our client base grows and our associates move on to permanent positions. When we need more people with the skills and experience listed on your application/resume, we will call you.

Royal Services has extensive experience in distribution and warehousing. We are uniquely equipped to help both employers and professionals looking for production, manufacturing, distribution and warehousing jobs meet their objectives.